Welcome to BERTEBOS Foundation

The BERTEBOS Foundation was founded in 1994 by Olof and Brita Stenström. The purpose of the foundation is to promote education and scientific research within the food sector. Through the BERTEBOS prize and other scholarships, a number of persons doing research have already been given the opportunity to continue their important work within the fields of agriculture and food.

The Foundation’s main prize, the BERTEBOS prize, is paid out every second year. The ROYAL ACADEMY OF AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY has been asked to appoint the prize-winner and the prize is handed over at a ceremony on the 28th January, the name-day of the King, Karl. The prize is 400,000 SEK and the persons handing over the prize have been, so far, King Carl XVI Gustav, Crown Princess Viktoria, Princess Lilian and Princess Christina.

In addition to the main BERTEBOS prize, scholarships can be applied for directly from the Foundation. Anyone performing research or studies within the fields of food, agriculture, animal health or ecology at a college or a university can apply for funds from the Foundation. Research within these fields carried out in the district of Halland may also justify a scholarship.