The BERTEBOS prize

The Foundation has instituted two different BERTEBOS Prizes. In 1996 the Prize awarded by the ROYAL ACADEMY OF AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY, Kungliga Skogs- och Lantbruksakademien (KSLA), was founded and in 2007 an other Prize was instituted, awarded by the Halland Academy.

The BERTEBOS Prize in co-operation with the KSLA

The BERTEBOS prize was instituted in 1996. It is distributed by the ROYAL ACADEMY OF AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY for highly qualified, pioneering development methods referring to food, agriculture, animal health or ecology. The prize is distributed every second year.

The ROYAL ACADEMY OF AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY has been asked to appoint the prize-winner and the prize is handed over at a ceremony on the 28th January every year, on the name-day of the King, Karl. The prize amounts to 300,000 SEK and the persons handing over the prize have been, so far, King Carl XVI Gustav, Crown Princess Viktoria, Princess Lilian and Princess Christina.

The award ceremony is accompanied by a two-day conference in Falkenberg the following year. This is planned by the prize winner in cooperation with KSLA.

Prize winner 2017

Kenneth G. Cassman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
"For his crucial importance for the development of the concept ecological intensification of agricultural production, which leads to minimizing the gap between potential and actual return. His extensive scientific production has great importance for applications in agriculture."

Professor Kenneth G. Cassman is Robert B. Daugherty Professor of Agronomy at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. He has been one of the leading scientists in developing the concept of ecological intensification of agricultural production. The concept relates to how we can minimize the gap between the current yield at the farm level to the potential yield achievable by the use of best available technologies and knowledge, while minimizing the negative environmental impacts. Kenneth G. Cassman has played a major role in developing a global yield map for important crops. To secure food supply for a growing global population there is a need for increased agricultural production and Professor Cassman has also addressed how global food prices interact with that.

Kenneth G. Cassman has a very distinguished career and is a highly cited scientist worldwide. He has also engaged in efforts to ensure that scientific findings are translated into action at farm level.

BERTEBOS conference with Ken Cassman was held in Falkenberg 26-28 August 2018.


The BERTEBOS Prize in co-operation with the Halland Academy

The BERTEBOS Prizes  in co-operation with the Halland Academy were instituted in 2007. They are distributed by the Halland Academy to persons, associations or institutions found to have a potential for performing commendable contributions to the future of the food sector in Halland. From 2015, the Halland Academy shares a prize of SEK 50 000 against the previous two prizes of SEK 25 000 each. The award ceremony takes place in connection with with the Halland Academy's celebration ceremony.

Prize winner 2018

Per Carlsson och Catarina Arvidsson, Steninge kuststation
They awarded the prize for the "with oatmeal-class has highlighted and made visible a classic Halland raw material, corn. In Steningehöjden the Kattegat route, they have created a haven for visitors, Alf Hambe country ".